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Transnet Saldanha Bay Bulk Power Supply
On the 28 February 2019, the Khato Civils Thenga Holdings JV was appointed to provide new bulk electrical supply infrastructure in order to increase the capacity of the existing power supply, to meet current and future demands at the Port of Saldanha. Facilities to be provided by the Contractor as part of the works will encompass the following main elements:

New Main Intake Substation
New Substations M and N
New Eskom 132kv Control Building and associated high voltage infrastructure at the Ystervark portion of the new Main Intake Substation, which shall be owned, maintained and operated by Eskom.
Protection equipment upgrades and associated works at Eskom’s existing Blouwater Substation
Installation of new 66kv circuit breakers, and protection equipment upgrades, at Eskom’s existing Iscor Substation.
New +- 300m long 66kV overhead branch lines, linking the existing Eskom Blouwater-Iscor 66kv overhead line to the new Main Intake Substation.
Upgrading of the existing 24 core POGW into new 48 core 16 kA.1s OPGW conductor from Blouwater Substation to structure 24 on the existing Blouwater-Iscor 66kV overhead line circuit 1.
Supply and installation of electrical and fibre optic cable reticulation and associated equipment.