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On the 1st November 2020, the KhatoCivils/ South Zambezi Joint Venture was awarded a contract for the Design, Supply, Installation, Construction and Commissioning of the Mmamashia Water Treatment Plant by the Water Utilities Corporation of Botswana (WUC). The initiative aims to build and increase the capacity of the current plant to handle maximum flows which will be provided by the North South Carrier Pipelines. The Plant shall treat a maximum of 110 mega litres of raw water per day.
The project scope includes:

  • To design, build and equip all protection required for the water treatment plant to function efficiently.
  • Critically examine the maximum water flows and associated pressures. The design shall be basedon the pumping duration of 20 hours per day. The recommendation is for the flows to the plant be1510 l/s.
  • Maximize pumping requirements by including PS 4.1 and 4.2 running.
  • Design including calculations and drawings. Using best practice methods based on pressure/- head and flow parameters, availability of pipeline materials and make appropriate materials selection inclusive of corrosion protection as necessary.
  • The proposed scheme should withstand future pressures at the delay tower point when future Pump station (PS4.2) is in place and running.