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Inspired designers of built structure and form

South Zambezi Engineering Services (Pty) Ltd is a reputable, multidisciplinary consulting firm that offers all-inclusive solutions across the spectrum of engineering, project management and related services.

Our services encompass Project Management, Civil, Electrical, Mechanical engineering, Quantity surveying, Town and Regional planning, Architectural and Draughting services, and Geographic Information System (GIS) solutions.

To us, engineering is not just a profession; it is our reason for being.


Key Differentiators

Our success is a result of our agility, and Joint Venture with our sister company Khato Civils.


South Zambezi Engineering Services deploys a dynamic management style that is free of bureaucracy and empowers decisive, confident leaders. Redundancy elimination and process efficiency have enabled agility in all our projects.
The result is a robust workforce that is able to seamlessly adapt to project challenges and changes, which has capacitated us to set a precedent for completing projects well ahead of schedule.

Joint Venture with Khato Civils

Khato Civils CIDB level 9 rating, qualifies the contractor to execute Mega Capital projects. The relationship between the two companies gives South Zambezi Engineering Services exposure to Mega Capital projects. The joint venture with South Zambezi on Engineer, Procure and Construct projects (EPC), provides opportunities for South Zambezi to deliver the Engineering aspect of the project and be involved in the procurement process. South Zambezi oversees various aspects of the projects implementation, as supervising engineers, quality control managers and monitoring consultants.
By producing engineering designs, often in, half the required time, South Zambezi plays a significant role in Khato Civils ability to complete projects within schedule. Where a client has contracted Khato Civils specifically for the construction aspect of a project and a separate Engineering company, for the rest of the work, South Zambezi assists Khato Civils in analysing the Engineering designs, with ad hoc design proposals and project monitoring.


1. PROFESSIONALISM – Adhere to defined standards and principles of your profession.

2. RECOGNITION – Appreciation is a fundamental human need.

3. INNOVATION – A quest for consistently better solutions.

4. DEVELOPMENT – Development ensures sustainability.

5. EXCELLENCE – Strive to deliver the highest quality and best outcome.